All employees in work places that may be exposed to noise exceeding the standard set by the Regulations should have an audiometric testing program available to them.

Work cover NSW recommends that an initial audiogram should be taken as soon as an employee commences work, or before any exposure to workplace noise occurs.  It is then recommended that further audiograms should be taken at periodic intervals of one to two years.

Our testing procedures follow those that are set our by Australian/ New Zealand Standard Occupational noise management Part 4: 2005 Auditory assessment. This standard specifies procedures and requirements for testing of pure tone air conduction audiometry that is used to monitor the hearing of individuals exposed to noise at work.

We offer a comprehensive reporting system. Our reports can also be tailored to any specific requirements that your company may have.

We also offer free of charge to enter any of your company’s previous years' data so that we can compare results of previous tests and give you a full global updated report of your company.


  1. To ensure consistency of all our test results, individuals may also be tested at our base location.  This means any employee that missed the testing day can easily be added to your company’s existing data base.  This also caters for pre employment screening of new employees and also for exit assessments of those employees that may be leaving your company.

  2. Our mobile unit has 2 sound booths so that two employees can be tested in the same time that it takes to test one, thus making the testing program very time efficient.

  3. Our friendly team will liaise directly with you to make sure that everything is organised before the testing day to ensure a smooth hassle free day for you.

  4. If your company does already have your own audiometric testing equipment, we are also happy to supply the staff to come in and test for you.